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Small Groups

I realize that Journey Church people get hit with Small Groups and their importance all the time. There are very specific reasons for this. We, as the leadership of Journey Church, implicitly knew the importance of Small Groups, and it was brought into laser-focused truth in recent research by Thom Rainer in his book entitled I Will.

Here are the facts as Thom Rainer revealed. According to his research he found:  83% of people involved in Small Groups were still active in their church five years later. Only 16% of those who attended worship services only remained in ANY church five years later! Point is – we cannot grow effectively as a believer in isolation. Rainer lists four major issues related to groups.

1. “The health of the church is directly tied to the health of Small Groups in

the church.”  He states further, “if you are not in a Small Group of some sort, you are not contributing to the health of your church and not doing all you should be doing for your own spiritual health”.

2. Small Groups close the back door – Remember the 83% vs 16% stat?  “If you participate in a Small Group, you are five times more likely to be in ministry (service), to share your faith, to have a deeper Bible knowledge, and to hear the gospel.”

3. “As a church member, you should be committed to being a part of a Small Group in your church.”  Rainer says, “Let me be clear. If you are not in a Small Group, you are not fully committed to your church.”

4. “Everyone in a Small Group should be inviting others to the Group. It is the most effective way to reach people and to assimilate them.” 


You must decide whether or not Small Group is important to you and your family’s spiritual well-being!  God loves and cares for every aspect of your life. The leadership of Journey Church cares for you and we will promote the importance of Small Groups to you as God leads us to do so.  Make it a serious prayer matter.  Get involved in Small Groups.  You will never regret it!

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