If this is your first time to join us live, you will need to download and install the ZOOM VIEWER.  This should be an automatic process.  Just click the link below and follow the prompts.

I think this is what happens:

1- The zoom viewer downloads to your computer.

2- If it does not install automatically- you may have to click it to get it started.

3- After it installs, it should run automatically. Again, you might have to click OK, Yes, Confirm, GoAhead, etc. to allow it to install.  

4- You can decide whether you want to listen from your computer speakers or place a call and listed over your phone.

NOTE-  ZOOM is a 2-way Video Conferencing System.  We are not using the 2-way function.  The system comes on line with the your camera and mic muted.  Be careful what you click once you are in the conference as you may "broadcast" video and audio to other in the conference.

Note- I was never able to get audio on my laptop.  I tested with other laptops and was OK.  Just be aware that is new to all of us and we are doing our best. 

iPhone Option- You can watch on your iPhone by going to www.jcov.org and clicking through to the (Join Now)

link.  That will prompt you to download the ZOOM Cloud Meeting APP.

We are also recording and will post the recording on our website under Homepage /  Audio & Video Archive

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