Devotion for Monday, March 30


Read Exodus 1:8-11  and  Exodus 2:23-25


This is a familiar story. The nation of Israel  finds itself in the bonds of slavery in Egypt. They didn't see this coming. They moved to Egypt due to a severe famine in the land ( Genesis 42 ).

Joseph is already in Egypt and God's plan is being revealed ( Genesis 50:15-20 ). The Pharaoh dies and a new one comes to power and then slavery. Exodus 1:8-11.


There are several truths to glean from this story ( all before Moses is sent to them to deliver them).


1. The nation of Israel cried out to God. Good first choice!

2. God hears ! 

3. Life will not always be easy but we must never forget to call upon God.


We are in a similar situation today. Because of the CO-VID 19 Virus Pandemic, it appears that we are ( somewhat) in bondage to this virus. We can't do what we were used to being able to do. Our life is different. We didn't see this coming, not to the magnitude we find ourselves in.

We need to cry out to God ! Only God can deliver us from this pandemic. The Democrats and Republicans are too busy fighting against one another when they too should be crying out to God !


God hears !  1 John 5:14-15 assures us of that truth. He is the One True God. He hears.


We must not forget to call upon God !


I have been asking God to intervene, for Him to bring healing to our world. 

What about you ? How have you been praying ?

Now is the time to pray without ceasing!


Bro. Steve

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