March 27, 2020

It was a most unusual place to hold a worship service!! 

Some would say that this is not the place to do this! Others may suggest that it was not and should not be the focus. There were important things to consider.  The atmosphere was not conducive for worship. Way too many distractions. Better choose a different time and place.

Most likely there would be a few theologians that would say " Now it not the time for this activity. Timing is important you know.

If a local church would vote on the issue: To worship or not to worship. The outcome would be very revealing, and not for positive reasons.


What event am I talking about ?

Read Acts 16:16-34


Paul and Silas find themselves in prison, after being beaten severely ( verses 22-24 )

Beating with rods is a very painful experience. No doubt they had wounds that needed attention.

Dealing with pain doesn't appear to be the time for praise!


The atmosphere in prison (back then) was horrible, beyond what we could even imagine. Cleanliness was not a concern nor a right.


The fellow prisoners would also be involved. Most likely they would not want to start a worship service in that place. Prison is not the place to be happy, joyful, grateful, thankful nor the place to worship or " go to church ".


And yet, we read that Paul and Silas at midnight praying and singing hymns to God !

Let that soak in for a moment....


If they can have the attitude of worship, the desire to praise Him in " that place ", then we should not have a problem to worship God through the Internet for a few weeks.


Sunday is going to be special ! Bring your praise ! 


Bro. Steve

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