March 26, 2020

Dear JC Family,


His name is Nicholas Herman. He lived in the 1660's in Paris, France. A lowly and uneducated man. He was a soldier but when he got saved, his life changed. He decided to go into a monastery and spend the rest of his life serving God by sacrificing all the worldly goods and pleasures and to enjoy God instead. His fellow monks named him Brother Lawrence. And what he taught them in his daily life speaks volumes on how to spend one's life. He lived such an incredible life, When he died at the age of 80, as the monks were cleaning up his quarters, they found his journal and a few letters to people.


They read his journal and the letters and it impacted them in such a way they decided to make them into a book. The title was " The Practice of the Presence of God ".


One monk recalled a conversation with him and remembered this powerful statement. In his response to sacrificing his life to God he thought it would be a a hard, drudgery life. Listen to what he shared with his fellow monk...." God had disappointed him, having met with nothing but satisfaction in that state ".  


This man found such joy, fulfillment, contentment, purpose in his personal relationship with Jesus, that not even the monastic life as a monk would affect that. 


He lived a life of practicing the Presence of God !  That is a great word of encouragement to you and I. During this time we need to use our time wisely and we can deepen our relationship with Jesus, enhance our spiritual life, and grow closer to Him.  We can practice the Presence of God.


How ?

1. Spend wonderful moments with Him in prayer and Bible Study. Not as a labor but as an act of love - wanting to spend that time with Him.

2. Rediscover the joy of His Salvation. Take time to remember all that He has done for you.

3. Helpful hint: Ste aside  a time and place to do this. Limit distractions. Focus your mind.

4. Read Philippians 3:1-15   This is Paul's testimony. I wonder if we would see life like him or Brother Lawrence.


Bro. Steve