March 24, 2020

JC Family,


I hope your week is going OK? As well as can be expected in this new day.


Speaking of a new day. There is a truth that is more obvious and needed today like no other we have seen. We live our Faith " One Day at a Time ".


Read Exodus 16  and  Matthew 6:11 and Lamentations 3:22-23


In our world today, each day is brand new. There are constant changes and updates about life and of course the CO-VID 19 Pandemic. We are most definitely living day by day. 


For us, as believers, that is how we should be living anyway in our relationship with Jesus.

Just like the people of Israel in the Book of Exodus, they had to trust God daily for HIs provisions.

For them it was manna and quail from heaven.

For us it is strength, hope, encouragement and perseverance as well as for our physical needs. A Calm and clear mind is also needed.  


Even though each day is new, let me remind you of what is not new:

1. God is in control.

2. God loves us.

3. God will take care of us.

4. God is our source of refuge and strength.

5. We can still study our Bible's, pray, and worship Him.


Like Lamentations says...His compassion they fail not, they are new every morning...and Great is Your Faithfulness.


Let us be found " faithful " during these days, and let it be daily !


Bro. Steve