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As Steve has mentioned in his emails....

We are still the Church.  While we do enjoy gathering together in corporate worship each Sunday, our inability to do that does not diminish the "Church", not even a little bit. We will remain the Body of Christ through these times and I suspect and expect that we will grow closer as a Church Family.


This Sunday will be our inaugural meeting via Zoom.  Zoom is a Video Conferencing System that allows a HOST to present to PARTICIPANTS.  Steve will be the HOST and we will be the PARTICIPANTS.   I hope these instructions will allow you to join the Zoom Conference without too much aggravation and frustration.


We are hosting a trial run for those of you who would like to go ahead and get set up and avoid the rush Sunday morning.  I will start the conference at 7:00 (Eastern Time) tomorrow (Saturday) evening. I will just be here at my desk waiting for you to call in.   If you have trouble just give me a call 706.773.2283 and I will try to talk you in.



Go to our Web page- JCOV.org

Click the (Join us Live) button.

That will take you to a page with some instructions and cautions*.

Click the (Join Now) button.

-- If you have used Zoom before, you should join right away

-- If this is the first time you have used Zoom, your computer will download and install a Zoom Viewer. You may have to Click, Accept, Install, Confirm, Go Ahead, Yes or something else to get it to install. Somewhere in the install process, Zoom will ask you for your name.


OPTION - If you do not want to install the ZOOM Viewer on your computer, or if it will not install, you can select to "start from your browser". You should see this option as Zoom is trying to install or load.  Chrome is the recommended browser.  You will not have all the features of the Zoom Viewer but you should be able to watch and listen in.


iPhone - You can also join the meeting from your iPhone or iPad.  Just navigate through JCOV.org and click (Join Now).  You phone will install the Zoom App and you will join the meeting.


NOTE- The link on our web page does not require the conference to be active for you to install the Zoom Viewer.  You may get a message that you are the only one in the conference or that the conference will begin when the host arrives.


*Cautions- Zoom is a 2-way system.  By default, you will join the meeting with video and audio disabled.  You can not be heard or seen by others in the conference.  I will have a control panel that will list those in the conference (the name you entered earlier).  I may ask some of you to Allow Video.  You can allow this or not. This will provide some feedback to Steve as he  presents his message. Note: I have no way of turning your camera on without your permission.


We will start the conference about 10:15 Sunday.

You should be able to join any time after that.

See you Saturday / Sunday

In HIS Service,


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